What does Unlimited mean in Synergy?

Ruler Calculator Pen 300pxWe frequently use the word ‘Unlimited’ when referring to features in Synergy, but as with everything in this world there is bound to be a finite limitation.  We ought perhaps to say ‘virtually unlimited’ but it takes up extra space and more time to read it, so here is what we mean whenever we say ‘Unlimited’:

In Synergy ‘Unlimited’ means the smaller of:

  1. Your system resources (i.e. how much your computer system can physically take)
  2. The capacity of your chosen database engine
  3. Any entry in any database with an identifier greater than the maximum value of a positive 64 bit integer

That last number sounds terribly technical and difficult, but to put it into perspective just think of it it is a very big number – actually far bigger than the University of Hawaii calculates there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. (Citation: http://www.hawaii.edu/suremath/jsand.html)

For those who are interested, the maximum number of anything that you can include in Synergy is:


If you would find that easier in words, it would be:

nine quintillion two hundred and twenty three quadrillion three hundred and seventy two trillion thirty six billion eight hundred and fifty four million seven hundred and seventy five thousand eight hundred and seven

On the other hand, if you are of a mathematical bent it can also be calculated and displayed like this:

((2^64)/2) -1

When you reach that number there are no more numbers left in the sequence to use as identifiers.  However, there are no personal computers currently available that could actually handle that much data.

In plain English, this effectively means that there are no limitations that we believe you are likely to come up against when using Synergy other than those of your computer system,  so we believe that it is entirely fair to claim ‘Unlimited’ wherever we do so.

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