What back end database should I choose to use with Synergy?

Synergy offers two main database engines at the time of writing, although other database engines are theoretically possible if someone needs them and is willing to pay to have the necessary additions implemented. If you need Oracle, DB2, MySql, or something similar contact support to discuss your requirements.

The currently available options are:

  1. The embedded database engine supplied with Synergy as standard
  2. Microsoft SQL Server: Express and Full editions from 2012 onward are officially supported, 2008 onward will work at the time of writing but we cannot guarantee to continue to support it simply because Microsoft are no longer supporting it.

The choice of engine will depend upon the number of machines that you want to use any Synergy database at the same time. As a general rule, although the standard database engine can be run with multiple concurrent users it will be at the mercy of your operating system and its file and record locking limitations. If you will have multiple users connecting to and wanting to use the data at exactly the same time then a SQL Server database will give better performance.

A good rule of thumb is that for anything more than two or three concurrent users actively accessing data at the same time a SQL Server database is pretty much essential for top quality performance. The SQL Server Express edition is free to download and use, and is a good option for a small businesses who will not have vast amounts of data and a maximum of say up to four or five concurrent users. As the requirements of the business grow, you can choose to upgrade to a full version SQL Server installation.

Note: In order to use the Microsoft SQL Server database engine you will need to have the SQL Server Database Module installed and active on each machine. You can use an existing installation if you already have one, consult your IT support team to find out what may already be available, or you can install a copy specially. Synergy Accounts Ltd does not offer support for your hardware infrastructure, so whilst we are happy to advise and work with your IT support team we cannot install or maintain your network or database installations.

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